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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOV / NOVÝ.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: all items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


autobus / autobús / Autobusez / autocarro / avtobus /
bas / basi / bis / buss / bussi / busz / JITNEYS / OMNIBUSES /
otobis / pahi / strætó / TROLLEYBUSES / ավտոբուս /
аўтобус / বাস / автобус / 总线 / ავტობუსი / λεωφορείο / बस

"#900 / City transit Dayton O / Trolley Bus / Pic taken 3-14-71 / date of delivery to carbarn / R. Good Piqua, O." two approximately 3.5-inch x 3.5-inch black & white photos showing a front & rear view of the bus. Bus #900 was the first new trolley coach purchased by any US transit system since 1955; for that historic reason it was preserved by the Regional Transit Authority. $8.00 gets both. bo(d)o(p)

France_Paris_104PCarrefour-200_small.jpg bus postcard available from LotsOfCovers.com"104. PARIS / Carrefour des Bds Montmartre et des / Italiens - La Station des omnibus" with autobus 115 of Eugène Brillié at the left; black & white carte postale with about as much life & activity as could be imagined, unused. $6.00 (bf). Same but mailed 18 AOUT 1910 to London from Paris (10-c stamp with perforated initials B. R.), faint small corner crease. Shown. $6.00 bf-f

Bus1-2-7-200_small.jpg bus photo available from Judnick.com"1/2/7 - Rinehart's Bus - at Clifton" approximately 2.5" x 4.5" in winter, photograph captioned as quoted, neat violet handstamp of Rapid Photo Service Inc. on back. We realize there are several localities named Clifton. But, considering our source, we believe that this was a taxi service from Dayton Ohio to outlying communities such as the village of Clifton. We take the date to be 1917, not 1907, after comparison with other taxi images. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(c)btg

"192--Greyhound Bus Terminal, Washington, D. C. / Arrived in Washington   , Leaving for    " unused linen-era post card with fresh color, inconspicuous corner crease. $2.50 &

Buses_192Greyhound-200_small.JPG bus post card available from LotsOfCards.com"192--Greyhound Bus Terminal, Washington, D. C. / Arrived in Washington Leaving for / / 0B-H974" unused linen postcard on yellowish paper from B. S. Reynolds Company. wear at upper corners. Now designated a landmark, it is an example of Art Deco architecture. $2.75 dba%. Another with faint corner crease, and minor corner wear. Shown. $2.50 dba

"1993 DayPass / This COTA DayPass is good for one day of unlimited / travel on COTA buses (Columbus Ohio) through December 31, 1993" unpunched, unused & fairly fresh, no post card back. $1.00 ob

"1994 DayPass / This COTA DayPass is good for one day of unlimited / travel on COTA buses (Columbus Ohio) through December 31, 1994" unpunched, unused & fairly fresh, no postcard back. $1.00 ob


"1995 DayPass / This COTA DayPass is good for / one day of unlimited travel on / COTA buses (Columbus Ohio) through / December 31, 1995" neatly punched for June 28th, small internal crease, no post card back. $1.00 ob

Bus_207EzeFrance-100.jpg (271443 bytes)

"207 _ Eze (Altitude 541 m) Belle Vue" real photo postcard, unused, slight oxidation, internal crease, a little dark. In France. $5.50 (bf)

"23--Greyhound Bus Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio / 2B-H1011" linen post card mailed there 1946, large thin on one back edge (from postal equipment), trivial wear at top edge, image fairly fresh. $2.50 bo

"241--Interior View of New / Greyhound Bus Terminal, Chicago / © CURT TEICH & CO., INC." located at Lake, Clark & Randolph Streets; linen post card, writing on back dates to July 1956, otherwise excellent condition. $3.00 bi(c)i(o)

NorthCarolina_Charlotte_33Bus-200_small.JPG bus post card available from Judnick.com

"33--BUS STATION, CHARLOTTE, N. C." linen postcard, writing on back dates to 1954, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $3.00 nb

"Alabama Space and Rocket Center Huntsville, Alabama" showing the bus tour about to start near the Apollo Saturn-V moon rocket, unused continental postcard with scalloped edges as issued. $1.25 sb

"And Leave the Driving to Us / Touring Florida by Bus" showing a Greyhound bus prominently near a beach, FK 134 Florida State series, chrome post card mailed 1970. $2.00

"Arch Express / TRANSPORTATION / Welcome to Columbus, Ohio / We provide Limousines, Sedans, and Buses" unused continental-size advertising postcard with full color both sides, nea-mint condition. $1.50 o(c)aab

"ARE YOU GOING TO RAISE / YOUR FORD TO BE A JITNEY // OH! YOU / JITNEY BUS!" with signed Cobb X. Shinn art depicting a farmer's comment on a passing vehicle hitting a rock & propelling the back-seat riders upward; unused circa-1916 post card, mild corner rounding, light toning both sides. In addition to a bus, a jitney can also be considered as a shared taxi. $5.00 a(s)abt

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"Automobil-Omnibus, Unter den Linden / haltend // Berlin" stopped at the Victoria Cafe, signage of Fritz Heller at the building beside it; unused post card with minor corner rounding, a little album toning at the back corners. $4.50 bgg(h)

"Bank of England and Royal Exchange, London" sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a crowded street scene with double-deckers, mailed 1932 to Germany, small corner crease, corner crease & bend at one corner. $2.25

Buses_BankOfEngland-200_small.JPG bus postcard available from Judnick.com"Bank of England, London." black & white post card mailed there 1908, includes a General double-decker (open-air at top) in foreground, lightly toned back, soft corners. Some readable signs--Nestlé's, Lipton's tea, e.g. $4.50 be

"BEOGRAD" [caption transliterated from the Cyrillic] monochromatic green street scene in which a bus comes towards the viewer, postcard mailed 31VIII51 from there to Illinois (3 woman with pitchfork stamps denominated 2), dark triangular spot in message area. $1.75 b

"Berlin Dom und Schlossbrücke" sepia-tone post card showing 2 different double-deckers from above at a distance, TCV (4-pfg & 3-pfg stamps clearly cancelled) mailed 1931 from Berlin to Illinois, minor corner wear & rounding. $3.50

Germany_BerlinDomUndSchlossbrücke1931-100.jpg (335048 bytes)

"Berlin  Dom und Schlossbrücke" sepia-tone postcard including 2 double-deckers , TCV (2 different stamps clearly cancelled there) 27.7.1931, good edges, attractive. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 gb-g

"Berliner Verkehr.  Postsdamerstr. a. d. Lützowstr." real photo post card showing double-decker in foreground, sent there 1931 to Illinois, TCV (3-pfg stamp with cancel smudged a bit), I. W. B. Nr. 543. $4.00

"Brussels. Belgie / Bruxelles, Belgique / Brussels, Belgium" including the front half of a yellow bus, unused chrome postcard from a photo courtesy of Pan American World Airways, fresh appearance. $0.75 b

"CASTLE & SQUARE, CAERNARVON" including several buses, unused Carbo Colour post card from Valentine's, printed in Great Britain, slight yellowing of the paper with age, noticeable toning in part of sky, faint small corner crease. Caernarvon is in Wales. $2.25 wb


"Chicago Transit / Map CTA / Showing CTA Streetcar, Bus, "l" / and Subway Lines and Connecting / Suburban Bus Routes / Issued by Chicago Transit Authority" foldout map in 24 panels back by a key to many streets & much information--lost & found, telephone information, chartered service, etc. Dates to October 1948. Just one small corner crease to report. $5.00 ibmss^

BusCincinnatiAndLake-200_small.jpg bus postcard available from LotsOfPhotos.com"CINCINNATI & LAKE ERIE" bus parked before a farm implement store, racially mixed group of workers & managers posing; sepia-tone EKC real photo post card with good focus. Caption here is from the side of the bus. Last letters in the name of the farm implement store are AGEL -- SCHLAGEL or NAGEL perhaps? The C&LE Cincinnati-Toledo route, while short-lived in the 1930's, at one time was the longest electric interurban railway. What is most unusual is the bus; we have never seen another image of any C&LE bus in anyone's stock. In the 1930's such buses were used for charter (as for this company outing) or regular runs to connect small towns without rail service to the depots that the named railroad owned. Obviously one-of-a-kind: no caption, no photographer attribution, no publisher attribution, company name not shown fully because the amateur photographer already knew it. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 400% of original print area) & enhanced 144-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(c)br(c)

"CITY HALL - GRAND PARADE - BUS TERMINUS, CAPE TOWN." including several pedestrians, unused postcard, copyrighted, very light surface abrasions to the front. $4.25 sbc

"City Transit / Dayton O / trolley buses in yard / Jan 1972" two approximately 3.5-inch x 3.5-inch black & white photos showing bus #295 & three more on a snowy day for the setting. Focus is good, contrast is low. $7.00 gets both. bo(d)

"COTA / Get on it!" 3 different types of 1995 day passes of credit-card size: a local, an adult & a seldom-seen emergency. $4.00

"COTA / Get on it! / JUL 95…" credit-card size monthly pass for bus service with its slipcase, card is fresh appearance, slipcase wrinkled from use. Original cost $33.00. Both items for $2.00 ob

"COTA / Get on it! / Transfer / OR / DayPass / INSERT IN SLOT" two used credit-card size items for bus service, one inscribed Local & the other ADULT DP (Day Pass), one with corner crease. Both for $1.00 ob

Bus_DaytonOhioRTA-200_small.jpg bus postcard available from Judnick.com"Dayton, Ohio RTA Christmas Trolley Bus on the / Oakwood line, December 1974. Although no number / is visible this is #509, a Marmon Harrington ..." with a winter scene painted all around, on an overcast day; unused chrome post card, small spot of toning on the back, otherwise excellent condition. This bus was also referred to as the Winter Bus, for this who wished to avoid religious references. $3.50 bo(c)cw

"DETROIT-WINDSOR TUNNEL / Windsor, Ontario, Canada" chrome postcard mailed there 1966 to Ohio, trivial edge wear, a little dark due to tunnel. $2.00

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"Dixie Sight-Seeing Auto at Jonas Bluff, / Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn." looking down from above, white-border era from D. R. Weill Co., unused post card, light toning along 2 back edges, minor corner wear, long scrape near top of card nowhere near bus, as is. $1.00 bt

Bus_DomMit_TCV-200.jpg (932912 bytes)
"Dom mit Lustgarten" postcard showing tourist vehicle entering an intersection, TCV (3 stamps clearly cancelled, one having toned perf) mailed 26.4.1931 from Berlin to Illinois. minor ink smear on back, one stamp removed on back. $3.25 bg+

"DOUBLE DECK BUS, ON FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY" on the Riverside Drive & 5th Avenue line, color post card, circa 1915, corners worn, heavily toned back, Finklestein & Son printing. $6.50 C. T. Photochrome printing, lightly toned back. $7.50

France_Paris_ExcursionsEn-200_small.jpg bus post card available from Judnick.com"Excursions en Automobile à Paris - TH. COOK & FILS / Paris-Motor-Car Excursions  1, Place de l'Opéra // Héliotypie E. Le Deley, Paris" with sign on the rear of the tour bus reading in English "Seeing Paris / MOTOR-CAR EXCURSIONS / TWO HOURS DRIVES ... / Leaving COOK'S Office 1 Place de l'Opéra / ...' unused carte postale, very light toning on back from the production process itself. $15.00 f(p)bu

"FINEST IN SERVICE / THE CARLSBAD CAVERN ROUTE / T.N.M.&O. / Coaches, Inc." match cover with 2-color drawing of their bus, neatly opened, striker unused. $1.00 b

"Garden Seat Horse Omnibus / London General Omnibus Co. / This vehicle was built in 1895..." showing ads for Oakey's Wellington Knife Polish & Hudson's Soap, unused continental postcard, small corner bend, Interesting. $1.00 b

"Get on it to the game. / COTA / ...1997 OSU Home / Football Games" unused continental with color on both sides, publicizing bus service in Franklin County Ohio, near mint. (3 available) $0.75 each. s(f)ob

"G. P. O. and Nelson's Pillar, prior to March 8th 1966, O'Connel Street, Dublin, Ireland.  Colour Photo by John Hinde, F. R. P. S." including several double-decker buses in dark green, continental postcard mailed there in 1960's to New Jersey, corner crease, minor corner wear. $0.75 b

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"Greetings from LONDON" chrome multiview postcard with 3 scenes including one in which 4 double-deckers move near a traffic circle, mailed there 1968 to the United States, one corner badly creased. $0.75 b

WestVirginia_Charleston_Greyhound-200_small.JPG West Virginia post card available from Judnick.com"Greyhound Bus Depot, Charleston, W. Va.  8A-H2363" including some customers and a bus outside, unused linen postcard, trivial corner wear. Shown. $3.25 bw. Same view but a different printing with somewhat brighter colors, mailed 1951, partial cancel on front, minor corner wear. $2.50 bw

Bus_GrimselPasshohe-200_small.JPG bus postcard available from Judnick.com"Grimsel - Passhöhe  Rhonegletscher und Galenstock" post card showing in color 2 open-air tourist vehicles with many passengers in a mountainous setting, minor edge wear. The pass lies between the Rhone River valley & the source of the Rhine River in the Swiss Alps. The pass was named for the nearby Hotel Grimsel. $5.75 bsmu

"He who walks on the pilgrimage / to Mecca gains more favor / from Allah." postcard showing a man walking in the shade of his umbrella as a bus-full of pilgrims pass, many of whom are seated atop the vehicle with open umbrellas; well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Eldorado Ohio. $2.50 urb

Errors_015_small.jpg bus post card available from Judnick.com"Hamburk(sic). Alsterpavillon u. Neuer Jungfernsteig" including a double-decker bus with Chlorodont advertising, echte Photographie Postkarte with scalloped edges as issued, message written on back in German dates to 1947, long internal crease from the bottom edge, 1"-long pencil mark from the left front edge may possibly be erased. This promenade area (where eligible young women would be shown by their proud families) has since been redesigned for high-end shops. The toothpaste brand advertised lasted until the 1980's. $3.50 gbd

Bus_IndyGoLocalPass-100.jpg (245900 bytes)

"IndyGo / MAC" 2 credit-card local passes for January (iridescent orange stripe) & February 1997 (green stripe), originally sold for $39.50 each. Either for $3.00, both for $5.00 (bi)

"Inspired by the true story. / ... / INTO THE WILD / screenplay and directed by Sean Penn / In Theatres Fall 2007" picturing a young man seated atop a bus of the Fairbanks City Transportation System, unused continental publicity postcard for the film from Paramount Vantage and River Road Entertainment, near mint. (2 available) $1.75 each. mb

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"LINCOLN, NEBRASKA / Looking North on 13th Street--one of Lincoln's /  busiest…" where the Cornhusker Hotel is opposite the bus station, unused early chrome postcard distributed by Dunlap-Henline, small tape remnant at top front center. $1.00 (nb)

"LONDON--HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT AND LAMBETH BRIDGE" including 3 double-decker buses crossing a bridge, sepia-tone photogravure post card printed in England, unused, good edges. $2.00 be

"LONDON--LAW COURTS AND FLEET STREET" including 2 double-decker buses, sepia-tone photogravure postcard printed in England, unused, tiny spots in right front margin, small spot on back. $1.50 be

"London / Piccadilly Circus" continental showing 2 double-deckers with readable signs in a night scene, post card mailed there to the United States, trivial wear at 2 corners. $2.00

"Knights / Inn / The only 2nd story at Knights Inn" showing prominently a Bristol double-decker imported to Reynoldsburg Ohio after being refurbished in 1963, unused chrome postcard. $2.00 (2 available). Tiny corner crease. $1.75

Bus_M-2TheLast_Croydon-100.jpg (256605 bytes)"M2  THE LAST DAYS OF CROYDON TROLLEYBUSES" real photo post card shows double-decker with signage on both sides readable, in front of Stone Bros. with milk wagon partially visible, mailed to Iowa, small corner crease & another with minor wear. $3.75 (be(c))

May 1995 credit-card size local monthly pass (with pouch) for the Columbus Ohio COTA bus system, originally sold for $33.00. $3.00

Framce_Paris_OmnibusEugene-200_small.jpg bus postcard available from Judnick.com"Médaille d'Or / de la Cie Gle des Omnibus // Concours de Véhicules Industriels de l 'A. C. F.' / Omnibus Eugène BRILLIÉ, 19, Rue Auber, PARIS" showing the auto-bus at the Cours-La-Reine stop (an old park between the Place de la Concord & the Place du Canada); carte postale mailed 1907 from New York City, minor corner rounding. $35.00 fb

"Metaxas Square, Nicosia / Metaxas-Platz, Nicosia" including a bus prominently; unused continental postcard, copyrighted by Mona L.T.D. in Nicosia Cyprus, trivial wear at 2 corners. $1.00 cb [Λευκωσία, Lefkoşa]

Automobile_MisionEvangelica-200_small.jpg Honduran postcard available from Judnick.com"Mision Evangelica  San Pedro Sula" showing a side view of their school's bus (in Honduras); unused monochromatic green post card, light toning in the front borders & on back. Very little about the early history of this religious school for young men is on the Internet. But their use of the roll-up canvas side curtains dates the vehicle to 1927 - 1930, just before glass windows were incorporated into school bus designs. Rare. $12.50 ahb


"MONTAGU MOTOR MUSEUM, Beaulieu, England / 1922 Maxwell 25-cwt. Charabanc" showing the open-air bus on a sunny day, continental postcard with a little pencil writing on back that may erase, minor corner wear, short faint internal bend from top edge. $1.00 be

"MINSK..." including a blue & yellow Byelorussian bus in a street scene, caption transliterated from the Cyrillic, unused 40-kopek Soviet Union postal card, wear & creases & small tears along upper edge, as is. $1.00 bb

Bus_Muni566-200_small.jpg bus postcard available from Judnick.com"MUNI 566 / San Francisco Municipal Railway Marmon Herrington track- / less trolley, coach, or electric bus at Market and Fell Streets / in June, 1974." unused post card, 4 tiny spots on back, otherwise fresh. We have seen other dealers characterizing it as rare, and offering it for over $9.00. Our price is much more reasonable at $5.00. bc(s)r(s)

"NEW WASHINGTON CON. SCHOOLS № 1 / NEW WASHINGTON CON. SCHOOLS № 2" uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles up & down) real photo postcard showing four horse-drawn school buses in a line, our caption taken from the sides of the bus hitched up to the pair of horses, and the next bus behind them. Pencil writing on back specified Washington Pennsylvania as location, but that was incorrect: (1) that town is small enough that the kids can & always have walked to school, as a resident there informed us personally; and (2) the word NEW on the sides of the buses would not then be well explained! Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(n)hb

Bus_No10-200_small.JPG bus post card available from Judnick.com"NO / 10" Azo real photo (triangles up) postcard with caption from vehicle number, showing many tourists in an open-air vehicle outside the James Cafe, exceptionally good contrast, heavily toned back, inconspicuous crease weakens one corner. $7.00 bu

"Overseas Highway, Florida  294" including a Greyhound bus in the Keys, unused Tichnor linen post card in excellent condition. $3.00 f(f)b

Bus_ParkingGalorePort_NewYorkCity-100.jpg (345791 bytes)"PARKING GALORE PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL, N. Y. C." showing an interesting aerial view, unused postcard. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 bn

"PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL AT NIGHT, NEW YORK CITY" post card showing an interesting aerial view, unused black & white from Mayrose Co. $3.00

Oregon_Portland_PortlandCentralBusDepot.jpg (334027 bytes)"Portland Central Bus Depot, Portland, Oregon  29" corner view with the YMCA in the distance, unused linen postcard on yellowish paper from Angelus Commercial Studio, couple tiny spots in sky, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.50 ob

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"PRESTON, CHURCH STREET" real photo post card of British manufacture, showing a street scene in which a bus marked W2D is coming toward the viewer, thin paper adhesion at bottom center, mailed 1961 to the United States but stamp removed.  $2.50

"Recorder Printing Office / W. H. CLARK / POST OFFICE / TIM McHENRY'S BUS LINE / RISING SUN & AURORA / U. S. M." uncaptioned (so we used all the signs!) sepia-tone real photo post card with excellent focus & contrast, mailed there JUN 2 1909, small bottom corner crease, oxidation consistent with age. This is Main Street, the wagon abbreviation is for U. S. Mail, the Presbyterian Church is at the right & the Recorder was the town newspaper. Mr. Clark once served as their Postmaster; he sold millinery & shoes out of the store shown at the left. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(r)pngghb#

"Retired Dayton / Trolley busses / Cox Airport / Vandalia Ohio / Sept 1973" two approximately 3.5-inchx3.5-inch black & white photo showing two buses parked side-by side & a large group of buses. This location is also referred to as the Dayton Cox Airport. Plus 2 others similarly captioned "Retired trolley buses / Dayton property / Cox Airport / Sept 1973" including bus 402 & bus 628. $12.00 gets all four. abo(v)

"Rio Grande Southern's / 'GALLOPING GOOSE NUMBER 5" unused chrome postcard showing a railbus (fashioned from a bus), one of five that handled all passenger service for the railroad between Durango & Ridgway Colorado after June 1933; photo credited to Mary Jane Rowe, lightly toned back suggests it was once stuck on an album page & carefully removed. $2.00 r(r)bc(r)u

Buses_RochesterMinnesota_small.jpg (4066 bytes)
"ROCHESTER'S FIRST JITNEY ROCHESTER, MINN." of the Rochester Car Line, in color, no postcard back but regular postcard size, German writing on back dates to February 1917. $9.50 (mb)

"SALVATION ARMY CITADEL, CASTLE STREET, ABERDEEN  45" including car No. 6 of Corporation Tramways alongside an autobus; real photo postcard with good contrast & depth-of-field; very late usage at Tanglewood Texas, tiny spot of light toning in the left front border, good edges. Seen offered elsewhere as high as £12.99, but we ask only $7.00. bss

"SCHOOL HOUSE, LEROY, O." with 3 horse-drawn buses outside it, one marked 'LEROY SCHOOL' the other marked 'DIS. NO. 3'; real photo postcard mailed at messaged at LeRoy Ohio JUL 10 1908 & mailed same day at Seville Ohio to Mrs. Almina Downing in Xenia Ohio, conveying a great deal of family news (John, Sarah, Laura, Dena, Maynard, Vince, Lydia, ...) from a cousin, bottom corner bend, slight oxidation with age. Rare. Nothing like it found when we searched the Internet: no offers, no sales recorded, no displays. $32.00 o(l)bh

NorthCarolina_Greensboro_HiddenPix.jpg (160043 bytes)"Seeing Greensboro, N. C. / Copyrighted 1907, by Tichnor Bros., Inc. / Pat applied for." with open-air tour bus design in red & black on grayish paper, postcard with undivided back, rectangular thickness in center suggests multiple views folded accordion style within, unopened by the unsuspecting recipient! Ready to delight you first, despite its age! $9.00 nbmu

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Bus_SeeingTheSights-Unusual-200.jpg (924627 bytes)

"Seeing the Sights  96-50" many tourists ride an old open-air sight-seeing vehicle, post card mailed circa 1908, a little paper browning with age, minor corner wear. $8.00 bu

Framce_Paris_SRA353P-200_small.jpg bus post card available from Judnick.com"S. R. A. 353. -- Paris - Nouvel Autobus" #29 of E. Brillié on the Porte de Neuilly - Hotel de Ville route, with an advertising sign for Salon d'Automne on the Champs Elysees; unused  carte postale, trivial wear at one bottom corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $27.50 bf(p)

"Summer Arrives in June! / Racing and the NASCAR Dodge Weekly series every Saturday night at 7 PM! // Lorain / Speedway // ... / Saturday June 25th · School Bus Races!! / Saturday, July 2nd · Pontifical Plunging Pontiac from Pittsburgh ..." unused continental postcard with full color both sides, near-mint condition. (2 available) $1.25 each. ro(l)b

"THE HERMITAGE, MOUNT COOK, NEW ZEALAND / This is the Hermitage..." with 2 pale blue buses with their front doors open, unused continental postcard, good edges. $1.50 bn

Bus_FallFantasy-200_small.jpg bus post card available from Judnick.com"The Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in / Dayton, Ohio features 'A Bus for All Seasons.' Pictured is the Fall Bus, ..." with a fantasy for children painted all around; unused chrome postcard, excellent condition. This trolley bus was acquired from Columbus Ohio Transit. $3.75 bo(d)fu

Bus_TheMiamiValleyRegional-200_small.jpg bus postcards available from Judnick.com"The Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in / Dayton, Ohio features 'A Bus for All Seasons.' Pictured is the Summer Bus ..." with a summer scene painted all around; unused chrome post card, trivial corner wear, overall fresh & appealing. This bus was also referred to as the RTA Christmas Trolley Bus. $3.50 bo(d)

Bus_TheMiamiValley-200_small.jpg bus postcard available from Judnick.com"The Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in / Dayton, Ohio features 'A Bus for All Seasons.' Pictured is the Winter Bus ..." with a winter scene painted all around; unused chrome post card, a few tiny speckles from the printing process in the back address area, otherwise excellent condition. This bus was also referred to as the RTA Christmas Trolley Bus. $3.50 bo(d)cw

"The River Liffey, Dublin" with double-decker buses in the foreground, real photo postcard mailed at Baile Atha Cliath 18 MAY 1953 (stamp removed by a misguided soul) to L. W. Roberts in Athens Ohio by his grandson Ben, minor corner wear, fine surface cracking of the gloss. $2.00 ibg

"The Union Pacific Railroad is perhaps the / greatest of the Transcontinental Railroad Sys- / tems…" also showing the nearby Union Bus Depot at Cheyenne Wyoming, post card published by Sanborn Souvenir, unused. $2.50 wb

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"Toronto: The Ridgeway Monument, Queen's Park, Commemorating Toronto / Volunteers who fell in the Fenian Raid" souvenir post card with all-over back advertising the services of Imperial Sight Seeing Autos (more like buses, one partially shown at the right on front), a lot of toning at the back edges obscures no information whatever, one bottom corner creased, the other corners with minor wear. $3.75 o(t)b

"TUNNEL BETWEEN DETROIT, U.S. AND WINDSOR, ONT. SHOWING BUSSES" including front & rear view, linen postcard mailed 1939 there to Ohio, toned back with a small spot. $2.50

Bus_TunnelBetweenWindsorOntario-100.jpg (321830 bytes)"Tunnel between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. / Entrance to Tunnel between Windsor and Detroit. / Tunnel busses running between Windsor and Detroit" unused linen multiview postcard (buses in 2 of the 3 views) from Photographic Engraving of Ottawa. $2.50 bom*

Two bus transfers of the Southern Coach Lines, Inc. of Chattanooga Tennessee, both for Route 2, detailed transfer regulations on fronts, route information on backs. Hat punch (left) & star punches (right). Operated under this name 1941 - 1953. $3.00 gets both. t(c)b

Uncaptioned art showing 2 children laying on the grass with a Greyhound bus nearby, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1953 at Olin Iowa. $2.00

Uncaptioned chrome post card showing a London bobby stopping a bus for a boy who is dragging a toy bus behind. Mailed there circa 1970. $1.25 (lb)

Bus_ThisIsOneOf1915-100.jpg (306027 bytes)Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard showing an open-air tourist bus loaded with passengers, sent 1915 from New Jersey, but writing on back identifies the location as Washington, no signage to help, 2 small corner creases. $10.00

Bus_VacancesHumoristique-200.jpg (982258 bytes)

"Vacances Humoristiques / 21.682" post card with cartoon art printed in Belgium showing many tourists attempting to board a bus in unusual ways. $3.00 bc

Buses_VacancesHumoristiques-200_small.JPG comic post card available from Judnick.com

"Vacances Humoristiques / 12.683"
cartoon art postcard printed in Belgium showing the protruding tuba of a band member knocking down some telephone poles, which in turn scares three cows. $3.00 bc

"Vacances Humoristiques / 21.683" postcard with cartoon art printed in Belgium showing showing the protruding tuba of a band member knocking down some telephone poles, which in turn scares three cows. $3.00 &

Wanted to buy--pre-1945 post cards showing tourist buses in mainland Europe. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! *c

Buses_WatsonvilleCalifornia_small.jpg (2687 bytes)

"WATSONVILLE JUNCTION" postcard-size real photo showing the exterior of that California bus station, glossy finish, good focus. $2.75

Texas_Greenville_WelcomeTo-200_small.JPG"'WELCOME TO GREENVILLE TEXAS" LEE STREET LOOKING EAST" where the Trailways Bus Terminal was opposite a Texaco gas station, linen, mild corner wear, a little cancel ink in the sky. Remarkable banner hung prominently over the street reads 'THE BLACKEST LAND / GREENVILLE WELCOME / THE WHITEST PEOPLE'. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 tbbg##**

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