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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUEVO / BAGO.
Do not miss the new Metamorphic Fantasy section
& our new Easter Aviation Fantasy section.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com




"1194  PARIS. - Notre-Dame. - Chimère" showing a macabre gargoyle up close, black & white from Levy et Neurdein Réunis, unused, lightly toned back. $4.00 fm

"'20th Century Air Line'  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, Chicago and New York. / ________ Comin on the next air ship. Speed 59 miles." with unsigned fantasy art showing an improbable airship Meteor No. 87 with its passengers suspended in a canoe-shaped gondola, unused postcard whose design was copyrighted in 1910, numerous small shallow pits on both sides obscure little. Rare, the image never caught on. $10.00 f

"344/9" Oranotypie Postkarte, hand-tinted real photo, numeral written in address area, back with spotty toning & a few small scraped areas, 2 tiny pinholes at the top center are easy to miss, minor corner & edge wear. Back printing reads: 'Neue Photographische Gesellschaft A. G. Steglitz. 1904 / Als Postkarte offen hinterlegt zum Musterschutz-Register / beim Amtsgeright Berlin'. A fantasy scene in which a gnome approaches a sleeping winged-girl. $10.00 w(n)f

"521. Köln, Heinzelmännchen - Brunnen" showing pedestrians admiring a statue & fountain commemorating the tailor's wife who (in a fairy tale) made all the town's citizens do their own work, near the front of the Hotel Reichshof; black & white post card that was separated neatly from a booklet, very late usage at Millersville Ohio, light fingerprint toning on the back. $2.75 pf

"A Glimpse into the Future / The Wright Brothers at The North Pole" art fantasy depicting the Hotel North Pole, 'lots for sale sign', biplane, auto & subway entrance--all on an unused circa-1910 postcard printed on yellowish stock, one bottom corner with multiple small creases, a few marks on back possibly from the printing process itself. Rare. $15.00 a(p)fa

"Airships Passing Over, Marshall, Minn." contrived fantasy postcard mailed AUG 1 1911, cancel place indistinct, minor corner wear, 2 very short internal creases from the top. Rare: apparently few people though it believable, and with good reason! $10.00 m(m)f NEW / NUEVO / BAGO

"All / Happiness / for / Easter" angel in egg car is drawn by two chicks in blue-ribbon harness. color from International Art Publishing, writing on back, brownish paper, embossed, mild wear to bottom corners, lightly toned front. $4.50 fa

"A Merry / Christmas" fantasy art depicting a snowman family regarding the white zeppelin passing overhead, Tuck Oilette postcard processed in Bavaria, Series No. 9998, long crease from a small tear at the left center edge (closes mercifully well), tiny bottom corner crease, minor corner rounding. $6.00 cfwt

Numismatics_Art_CoinTrain_small.JPG (4071 bytes)
Art showing children chasing rolling gold coins dispensed from a train, caption has too many accents (probably Czech) to accurately convey, printed in Germany, a beauty mailed in US 1945, extraneous writing on back. $7.50

"Auf de schwäbische Eisebahne! / Bild 4" with German poem beneath. Rough translation: When the little train gets stuck again / The farmer looked for his goat / All he finds is a head and a rope / On the back of the train car / This puts the farmer into a wild rage / He takes the goat's head by the horn / And throws it in whatever direction he can / Right past the conductor's ears / That's the song of the farmer / Who lost his billy goat / ... / Let's raise our glasses and drink to the health / Of the Swabian railway." unused postcard from Serie Nr. 200 in 4 Bilds, trivial corner & edge wear. More fully, the name of the railway is Mittelschwabenbahn or Central Swabian Railway. Henri Boutet was a French Belle Époque artist whose work is frequently seen only in small limited editions. He died in 1919. $16.50 a(b)fpr(m)

"Au Revoir!!" a fantasy in which the man poking through the clouds says goodbye to an aviatrix;  unused real photo postcard published by Davidson Brothers, printed in England, light curl to the paper (no problem in an album), good edges. $4.00 lf

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VegetableHeads_CanYou-200_small.jpg fantasy head post card available from LotsOfCards.com"CAN YOU BEAT IT?" two vegetable heads with eyes and mouths conversing on postcard, 2 corner creases, traces of cancel ink on front, corner wear & rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 fv

"COPYRIGHTED BY M. RIEDER 1905 // When I invent this air-ship true / I'm coming over after you / And we'll fly round the world together / That is providing it's pleasant weather." with signed WEB fantasy art depicting a couple riding in a bicycle-built-for-two gondola of an improbable balloon; unused undivided back postcard on brownish paper, slight rounding at the corners. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. bpmfa

"Das Märchen von der Altweibermühle / Nr. 220" showing Boutet fantasy art depicting a rejuvenation machine for men & women (double charge for old virgins), many signs in German -- come on into the box, old woman's mill, virgins over 60 pay double, new division for gentlemen, marriage office, etc.; unused post card, brownish paper, mild corner & edge wear. $28.00 a(b)f

Artist_Diefenbach_DPerAspera-200_small.jpg fairy postcard available from Judnick.com"Diefenbach: Per aspera ad astra  Teilbild 3" Art Nouveau Karl Diefenbach silhouette of nude fairies on a goat cart and bicycle, Postkarte advertising the availability of prints on back (with prices), 1911 copyright date on back, minor wear at 2 corners. Sold but front side still available for artistic study & reference as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 sbfa(d)

Surrealism_DieJungfrau.JPG (188170 bytes)"Die Jungfrau" reclining lady in diaphanous wrap reclines on a Swiss mountain scene, four men climbing her, smiling moon with hands peeking at the scene; black & white postcard with red caption on brownish paper, unused, publisher not stated. $20.00 sf *

"Die Jungfrau in der Zukunft" translating roughly 'The Virgin in the Future' its fantasy design incorporating a monoplane, biplane & zeppelin, and various human figures & humorous signs; postcard printed in Zürich, evenly divided back with uneven yellowish toning from album contact. $10.00 sf


MIXone_216_small.jpg fairy postcard available from Judnick.com

"DREAM FAIRIES / BEAUTIFUL ROCK CITY / ATOP LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN -- NEAR / CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE" unused chrome post card in excellent condition. $1.75 dft

Fantasy_EasterGreetings.jpg (198094 bytes)"Easter / GREETING" two rabbits drive an auto laden with large egg & small flowers, color  embossed postcard mailed 1907 at East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, extraneous writing on back, minor corner wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 fe

Easter_2HaresOnBike-200small.jpg fantasy post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Easter Greetings" two rabbits on a bicycle built for two, deeply embossed with felt-like finish; postcard mailed circa 1908 at Woodstock Illinois to Mr. Floyd Twiss in Java New York, partial cancel on front, mild corner wear, a little toning near the stamp & the right front. $2.50 efb

"Ein Familienausflug nach Heidelberg" fantasy postcard with an umbrella supporting a family of 4 aloft as they go to Heidelberg, unused Postkarte with undivided back, Verlag von Edm. von König, very light fingerprint toning on back. Rare: no other offers or displays when we searched the Internet. $9.00 uff

MIXone_307_small.jpg fairy trade card available from Judnick.com"F. E. Myers & Bro. // ASHLAND / OHIO // Force / AND / Lift Pumps / AND / Hay Tools // WORLDS / FAIR" and wonderful art in full color depicting elves around a globe. Just a little toning near the back edges. Detailed agricultural product list over all the back: combination hay carriers, stacking carrier outfits, double harpoon forks, Walker forks, knot passing pulleys, thresher tank pumps & many more. Large size: a little longer than a continental postcard, but not quite as tall. The hay carrier was invented by them in 1884 & double harpoon forks were invented in 1892, which gives us a basis for our estimated age as the Columbian Exposition (which was a World's Fair) in 1893. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 oaafge*


AdCard_FlemingsCrudoform-200small.jpg dog trade cards available from LotsOfCards.comFleming Brothers Crudoform Liniment advertising card for treatment of stiffness, bruises, sprains, etc.; approximately 4"x  6-1/2", art showing a fantasy scene in which a group of high-wheeling cats excite some dogs & people as they pass by, lightly toned front, back has large thins due to album removal obscuring some text. $4.00 acdfm

"Flying High / In Milwaukee" fantasy plane partially constructed with beer bottles, a keg & a limburger cheese weight flies over an unspecified brewery & malt house; postcard mailed SEP 2 1913 at Milwaukee to Mrs. Amanda Grant in Columbus Ohio by her brother Herb, published by M. L. Annenberg (numbered 2), long upper corner crease, the other upper corner with a tiny crease. The only other example we found when searching the Internet had been sold & its prior owner was offering a scan for $10.00! Why not spend less money here and get the real thing? $9.00 fbw(m)g

For fantasy art, please see also our Comic Books & Graphic Novels pricelists.

For fantasy & science-fiction movies, please see also our Movies & Movie Stars pricelists. Shown here Disney Pocahontas stickers.

"Garden of Love" man & woman approach farmer in cabbage patch growing babies, color mailed 1908 in Canton Ohio, minor corner & edge wear. $5.00 f*

Fantasy_GelukkigNieunjaar_NewYear.JPG (137081 bytes)

"Gelukkig / Nieunjaar // 216 / 2" hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard showing woman standing in champagne glass, mailed but stamp removed, edge wear. $6.00 fn

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"Glamour Shots / 'Storybook Products' / Glamour Shots" with 4 examples of children dressed fancifully as angels & fairies; unused continental postcard, price printed on back corrected by hand, otherwise fresh. $1.25 pae

MIXone_175_small.jpg fantasy post card available from Judnick.com"Greetings / from / [Jacksonville Ohio]" fantasy generic postcard for the small village has art showing 2 beautiful children atop a shell being pulled by a very large fish caught by a ribbon, postcard mailed there AUG 20 1910 to Miss Vesta Morrow of North Berne Ohio, mild corner rounding, a light water stain at the top corners. The placename was penned by hand to complete the caption, and its ink has smeared just a bit. The embossing is quite detailed. $6.00 o(j)sffc Generic postcards explained.

"Gruss vom Berner Oberland" with woman's face on distant Swiss mountain, color, Guggenheim & Co. No. 13589, unused, lightly toned back, corner & edge wear, light surface abrasions on front. $2.75 fs%

MIXone_217_small.jpg fantasy postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Happy Easter-Tide" 3 helmeted chicks with eggs--one monocled another grasping a pussy-willow branch, embossed post card, printed in Germany, brownish paper, writing on back, circa 1912, light album marks at the front corner, one corner with multiple creases. $4.50 fe

"Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd" with tiny doll racing down stairs with a bunch of flowers, color, used 1926 in the Netherlands, stamp removed, corner & edge wear, faint corner crease. $3.25 f

"HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH / ZUM GEBURTSTAGE" fantasy birthday wishes post card mailed 15.7.15 at Osterode am Harz (Thuringia) to Carl Ludwig in Cleveland Ohio by his father-in-law, messaged in Germanic script partly in Italian partly in German, 2 corners with noticeable color flaked off, other edge wear is minor. $4.25 fbg

NewYear_HerzlichsteGluckwunsche_Elves_small.jpg (4453 bytes)

"Herzlichste Glückwünsche / zum / Neuen Jahre!" with 3 elves raising their glasses in a toast, post card mailed 1899 in Germany, light album marks on front, soft corners. $15.00 nf

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"Herzliche Ostergrüsse!" with unsigned art depicting several rabbits about to take off in a plane, several well-wishers nearby; postcard mailed 16 4 33 from Bad Aachen, rough edges as issued, upper corner creased twice, heavily toned back. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ef

"HIGH LIFE IN MILWAUKEE" art with a fanciful biplane carrying miller High Life Beer, propelled with beer bottle propellers over the Miller Brewing Company plant; postcard mailed DEC 29 1914 at Milwaukee, long upper corner crease. In the Wisconsin Historical Society Collection with an age estimate of 1911. But we could find no other actual offer, past or present, when we searched the Internet. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. bw(m)f

"How / easily I Had / Crossed The / Delaware / in one / of Those!" artist-signed HBG (H. B. Griggs) fantasy art on an intricately embossed postcard, minor corner & edge wear. We have seen an example of this card mailed in 1913. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. wfa

Expo1909_FloatFairies_small.jpg (3973 bytes)

"Hudson-Fulton / Celebration Commission / OFFICIAL POST CARD / NO. 57 / FLOAT--FAIRIES" color, unused, fresh & appealing. $12.50 (epf)*


"Hudson-Fulton / Celebration Commission / OFFICIAL POST CARD / NO. 61 / FLOAT--ORPHEUS BEFORE PLUTO" color, unused, fresh & appealing. $12.50 epf

Image File magazine, Volume 16 Number 1, containing "The Whiligigal Dwelling" fantasy, "Thomas L. Greet: A Life From Postcards", "Good Times in Bad Lobenstein" illustrated in color. $2.25 the complete issue. pf

"I PLAY THE 'REASON' / IN / 'WHY GIRLS LEAVE HOME // CALL ME UP SOME RAINY AFTERNOON" rooster in elegant attire smokes cigarette in presence of small bird, black & white on green & pink background, mailed 1912 at South Vienna Ohio, scraped area over stamp, much edge wear with internal crease, a little writing on front. $3.00 f

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"K. V. i. B. 12. / Serie 1705" with fantasy art depicting multiple babies within & suspended from 3 balloons; unused circa 1908 postcard, slight curling inward of the paper from its edges (no problem), lightly toned divided back. Shown left. $10.00 bf. Same series, slight curling inward of the paper from its edges (no problem), post card mailed 4 Aout 08 from Roan-Coo Belgium (stamp removed), long upper corner crease, small lower corner crease. Shown right. $8.50 bf. Both for $17.25 bf.

"Love / Token" pot with three pink flowers having children's heads within, undivided back mailed to Pierce Ohio circa 1908, lightly toned front, mild corner & edge wear. $7.00 f

"Märchen Nr. 309  Münchhausen" with fantastic art depicting a rider jumping his horse through a carriage, postcard mailed MAJ 6 1919 within the Republic of Hungary, minor corner & edge wear, back paper browning a bit with age. The tall tales or fairy tales of the real-life Baron have been fictionalized and made into movies. $4.50 hf

Tennessee_LookoutMountain_MoonshineStill-100.jpg (339588 bytes)

"'MOONSHINE STILL' IN ROCK CITY GARDENS, LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN" showing elves at work, unused linen, minor browning of paper on back not detracting from the colorful front, faint internal crease. $2.00 (tmf)

"My Affinity's a Star" fantasy art showing lovers enjoying a kiss in a biplane, post card mailed AUG 19 1910 from Montreal Quebec another in that city, album toning on back, a little cancel ink on front, trivial corner wear. Writing on the wings: 'If dady(sic) only saw me now?' Only the second example of this card that we have seen. $8.00 a(p)lf

Nr. 278: Machine transforming women into 18-year-olds, many signs in German -- 95 / day, keep coming!, tremendous success, here you can become 18 again, your skin & hair will be young again, etc. Unused postcard with H. Boutet art, small upper corner crease. $28.00 a(b)f

"Nun ist er endlich doch erfunden / Der 'Lenkbare' fur schwere Stunden" signed art depicting an improbable airship being steering drunks on the ground, mailed 13 VI 1910 from Münich to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. A rough translation of the German would be 'Now he has finally invented the 'steerable' for difficult moments.' We have seen this postcard overprinted with 'Gruss vom Salvatorfest / im Franziskanerbräu / zu Amsterdam' overprinted on the balloon and mailed in Amsterdam (March 1912). The overprint & our example are the only times we have seen the card at all. The artist's name is hard to read: T. Kneifst... or something like that. $10.00 fa

Auto_NystromStonpendaal-200_small.jpg fantasy postcard available from Judnick.com"Nyström Stoopendaal" a fantasy depicting several gnomes in a pickup truck delivering presents and Christmas trees, with our caption from the Swedish artist Jenny Nyström Stoopendaal's signature, brevkort mailed to Oslo in 1939, stamp removed, minor toning & corner rounding. Surprisingly hard to find on postcards, her work like this is well known on Christmas cards & magazine covers. A classic! $13.00 caa(n)f

Peru_Lima_OA4FW-200_small.jpg fantasy QSL card available from LotsOfCards.com"OA4FW" Lima Peru continental QSL with clever cartoon art related to the call sign (cuatro Fantasmas Whiskeros, 4 ghosts) & Radio Club Peruano logo, used 1993 by operator Jorge E. Salinas S., clear QSL bureau backstamp in blue, excellent condition. (2 available) $1.75 each pf

"oiseau Transatlantique / W. Wright" French postcard speculating that Wilbur Wright would soon cross the Atlantic in a bird-like plane, signed Giris fantasy art postcard printed by a photographic process, very light toning near the back edges, good edges. Circa-1908 oxidation & when he was in France, but we have seen one mailed as late as 1910. $9.00 a(p)fa(g)

"Restaurant  Maison fondée en 1792 / Le Boeuf á la Mode / 8, Rue de Valois, Paris  Palais Royal" fancifully dressed bull attracts notice of woman by fence, color on yellowish paper, unused, edge wear, corner crease. $4.50 f

DIN PREDEAL" fantasy Gruss aus postcard showing a salesman with sample case dropping into the Romanian town of Predeal, breaking his descent with an umbrella; unused carta postala with unevenly divided back, a few tiny scrapes near the stamp area on back, minor corner wear. Hard to find! $9.00 urfg


See also our Nonsports Cards listings for art by Boris (example shown here), Frazetta, Olivia etc.


See also the article on Cornish Litany postcards at this site.

"SER. 7" fantasy art shows 5 children playing with a trombone, embossed post card with unevenly divided back, mailed 24 -9 06 from Brussels Belgium to another in that city, sender's writing on front in French, fairly fresh with good edges. $4.00 fcm

Fire_Serie414-200_small.jpg fantasy post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Serie 414" with caption from back, fantasy art showing a horse-drawn fire engine carrying many children, unused postcard, small bottom corner crease, mild corner rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 hff

Serie 8600: six fanciful & imaginative postcards shown above, all embossed & printed in Germany. Left-to-right & top-to-bottom: "How do, old boy! / Didn't expect me yet awhile, did you?" unused, tiny upper corner crease, toned back. "An afternoon's sail.", mailed 11 MAY 1909 to Miss Ruth Springer in Cornell Illinois, album toning along bottom back edge. "The very latest in motor-cars.", mailed at Boyertown Pennsylvania to Mahon Hoffman in Niantic Pennsylvania, by C. G. Markley jeweler in Boyertown (handstamp in message area, good edges. "Every man his own navigator!", good edges, toning in address area. "A short spin before breakfast!" good edges, small violet UNICO handstamp above message area. "Plus de rochers sournois vous guettant au passage / On peut voguer bien loin sans crainte du naufrage." in French meaning ""More insidious rocks await you in passing / can sail far without fear of shipwreck.", mailed 1AVRIL 1911 at Temploux Belgium to another in that country, good edges. Your choice $20.00 each for 1 or 2. $18.00 each for 3 or more.

"Serie No. 66." uncaptioned fantasy art showing an aviator leaping form his biplane to join 2 lovely ladies, postcard mailed JUL 11 1912 from Villanova Ontario to Mrs. J. H. Bolitho Jr. in Rockaway New Jersey by her sister Nellie, minor corner & edge wear, a few scattered small spots of light toning on back. $4.00 f

Signed Bowman art on a 12-postcard series depicting "Uses of the Air Ship". 8 are mailed with 1909 - 1913 postmarks in Midwestern US states. Minor faults except: a lot of toning on back (left, row 3); 1/2" tear from top center edge (center, row 3). Obviously done in printings at different times, because of slight variations in the dimensions & border treatments. There is scant information on this gifted artist. All these postcards are very to hard find, so apparently none were printed in quantity. Finding all 12 at once at our price of $55.00 is a real treat. a(b)bf

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Monaco_SouvenirDeMonte2-200_small.jpg fantasy post card available from Judnick.com"Souvenir de Monte-Carlo // Ah les poires / Les Belles poires!" fantasy art depicting pears dressed as people, unused carte postale from an undisclosed publisher, small scrape at the top back edge, otherwise fresh. The French word for pear is 'poire'; but put 'bonne' or 'belle' in front of it & you get a slang expression for 'idiot' or 'sucker'. $18.00 mvf

Monaco_ArriveeDepart-200_small.jpg fantasy postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"SOUVENIR de MONTE-CARLO / Arrivée en train de Luxe. / Depart en 3e Classe / 5" with fantasy art depicting well-dressed animals & birds near the casino, unused carte postale with trivial edge wear. Undisclosed publisher. $18.00 mf

"S. Sperlich  Ein fliegneder Holländen" monochromatic dull green) showing chick afloat on a wooden shoe, Fr. A. Ackermann Künstlerpostkarte No. 819, mailed 1900 in Bavaria to England, small corner crease, corner crease, lightly toned back. $6.50 f

"Sretan Uskrs!" three chicks hiking in the mountains, color postcard mailed in Jugoslavia circa 1926 to Illinois, 50-p on 3-d & 1-d King Alexander stamps, 2 small corner creases & edge wear. $3.75 f

"STAR TREK / STAR FLEET / TECHNICAL MANUAL // Fully / Illustrated" new condition in protective hard covering. Contents: Articles of Federation; Federation Flags, Seals & Uniforms; Navigational Charts & Equipment; Star Fleet Organization; Detailed Schematics of Star Fleet Equipment, Interstellar Space & Warp Technology; Federation Codes. Not paginated but almost 1" thick. An ideal gift for your favorite Trekkie! $20.00 sftmc

Thanksgiving_TDay_Pumpkins-100.JPG (281641 bytes)"Thanksgiving Day" memorable embossed fantasy art showing three pumpkins dancing arm-in-arm, mild wear to upper corners. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 tf

images/NYC_058_small.jpg fantasy postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"The Belvidere, Central Park, New York / ...  ILLUSTRATED POST CARD CO., N. Y." unused post card with undivided back, toning noticeable in bottom front message area & over the back, minor corner wear. A fantasy castle originally (and as shown) served merely as an elevated observation platform. Later, from 1919 to present, serious meteorological measurements are taken from its tower for the National Weather Service. $7.00 n(n)mf

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

        images/Artist--Bantock-200_small.jpg artist post cards available from Judnick.com
"The Complete Postcards / GRIFFIN & SABINE / 46 Postcards from the Griffin & Sabine Trilogy / by Nick Bantock" all continental size in near-mint condition bearing imaginative art, box cover has two short light scrapes in it (otherwise fresh & remarkable in its own right for the art). Three examples shown. Complete for $17.50 af^

"The Kids from Greensburg Kansas" with fantasy art showing multiple babies suspended from a balloon, unevenly divided back postcard mailed circa-1907 from Greensburg, upper corner crease. Printed in Germany by K. V. i. B. 12, Serie 1525 for the United Art Publishing Company of New York City. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. k(g)bf

Bus_FallFantasy-200_small.jpg fantasy post card available from Judnick.com"The Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in / Dayton, Ohio features 'A Bus for All Seasons.' Pictured is the Fall Bus, ..." with a fantasy for children painted all around; unused chrome postcard, excellent condition. This trolley bus was acquired from Columbus Ohio Transit. $3.75 bo(d)fu

"THE MOON ROCKET by Racey Helps / © The Medici Society Ltd., London" fairly fresh with good edges. The artist's full name, seldom seen, is Angus Clifford Racey Helps. $2.00 sfa(h)

"THE ORIGINAL BOX-A-BOUT / R. E. DIETZ MOTOR CAR LAMPS / Stocklists: G. T. RICHES & CO., LTD. / ... / 19, Store Street, London, W. C." fantasy advertising art, with a box of half dozen lamps being driven at night & frightening a dog; unused postcard printed in England, tiny chip in the upper front edge, lightly toned back. Rare, however you spell Box-About. $15.00 afe

Singapore_TheWaitIs-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

"THE WAIT IS OGRE / DreamWorks / Shrek 3 / ..." Singaporean continental publicity postcard for the movie opening there, near mint. (Shown) $1.75 sm. Same but trivial wear at one corner. $1.50 smf

MIXone_267_small.jpg moonlight post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"The Witch" art in vertical format depicts 3 Halloween trick-or-treaters in costume, a witch flying overhead by moonlight, pumpkins aplenty; extensively embossed postcard mailed 1909 in East Liberty Ohio to Eloise Green there, good edges, surprisingly fresh for its age. $22.00 hfm 

MIXone_268_small.jpg fantasy post card available from LotsOfCards.com"The / Witch's / Dance" witch with broom dances with a happy black cat & 2 pumpkin men; extensively embossed Halloween Series 980 postcard mailed 1909 in East Liberty Ohio (to Earl Green there), tiny corner crease not into the image, otherwise surprisingly fresh. We have seen blog posts about this card, offers to sell its reproduction as a greeting card or postage stamp, and much more on the web. But why not own the real thing? Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 hdf  

"Time will fly / faster than ever / this Year" with signed H. B. Griggs / H. B. G. art depicting Father Time piloting a very early biplane; embossed & unused postcard with divided back from L. & E. Serie 2276, trivial wear at the upper corners. Griggs is an American circa-1910 artist best known for his fantasies, and about whom not much is known.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. na(g)f


"Travis Lewis / Art & Illustration / ... / ...Yellow Springs, OH 45587" advertising card in color showing fantasy art (seated nude woman with butterfly wings) & contact information, near mint. $1.50 ofna

"Uncaptioned color art from Philadelphia Post Card Co., showing man with large flower cart & 5 babies growing within, much writing on back, small corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $5.00 f

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


Uncaptioned in English, Albanian Christmas card, writing within is Albanian. Very attractive fantasy art. $1.25 awf

Artist_Shinn_WomanFromFlower-100.jpg (263616 bytes)

Uncaptioned signed Cobb Shinn art depicting a young woman emerging from a pink flower, nicely hand-colored, post card mailed 1910, brownish paper, small corner crease nowhere near the art, toned front corners from album contact, hint of cancel ink in one corner. $4.75 awf*

Slovenia_UncaptionedChristmasOrnaments-200_small.JPG Christmas postcard available from Judnick.com

Uncaptioned slightly oversize continental Christmas post card mailed at Gornja Padgona 18 XII 2003 (clear cancel ties a Santa & snowman on teeter-totter label & an A-rate stamp), minor corner wear includes a tiny crease. Charming art depicts a fuzzy creature putting tree ornaments into a Santa hat. $1.25 scf

"VIEWS IN ROCK CITY GARDENS / Lookout Mountain" in Tennessee, chrome multiview with 6 views & 4 decorative elves, fresh appearance. $2.00

Wanted to buy--postcards featuring the fantasy art of Ilene Meyer. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Wanted to buy--"Cornish litany" post cards. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

"We look up to the farmer now" fantasy real photo postcard published by the North American Post Card Company in Kansas City, oxidation consistent with circa-1910 age, mailed to Mrs. Leonard Deans in Stone Mills New York, two vertical lines of toning on back obscure nothing. Rare. $12.50 a(p)f

"YANKEE" matched set of 4 Nesbyen Norway QSL cards with Runnin' Bare style commissioned art showing an elf couple. $8.00

Fantasy_YouAreANice.jpg (167097 bytes)"You are a Nice / Little Duck /  'Approchez-vous, je suis un peu dure d'oreille'" two nattily dressed ducks of opposite sex converse on a park bench, mailed 1924 in Belgium, minor corner wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 fb

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"The Brothers / HILDEBRANDT" limited edition of 100, this being #6 signed by both brothers, published in honor of their exhibition July 9 1978 at the Maryland Funnybook Festival in Silver Spring Maryland, like new. $300.00 fa(h)m(s)  

"The Third Book of Virgil Finlay" hardbound, edited & published by Gerry de la Ree in 1979, limited edition of 1300 of which this is number 1019, like new, original dustcover (shown, frameable!) with price not clipped off. Emphasis is on his Finlay's pre-1955 art -- appearing in Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Fantastic Novels, Startling Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories & other pulp fiction. Most images in original size. $55.00 fa

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"A Happy / Easter" chicks in a gondola suspended by flowers, intricately embossed post card from Series 1225, mailed 1911 at Bridgeport Ohio to Wheeling West Virginia, small bottom corner crease, tiny indent in the bottom edge, light album toning at the front corners. $4.00 fe

"A / Happy Easter // Brer Rabbit is a pilot true, / He guides his Air-ship straight to you; / And carries safe this wish of mine / that joyous be your Easter time." intricately embossed postcard from Series 207G, mailed 1914 to Miss Clara E. Nye in Mattapoisett Massachusetts, minor corner wear. $4.00 fe

"Easter / Greeting" a giant egg-shaped balloon with outsized propellers transporting two passengers over the clouds; post card printed in Germany, mailed APR 14 1908 to Mrs. J. H. Green in Acra New York, trivial corner wear. $4.00 fe

"Easter Greeting" a gondola with 3 chicks suspended from a balloon in 3 sections wrapped with flowers; intricately embossed postcard from Tucks Series No. 1738, Chromographed in Berlin, corners worn & rounded, a little toning shows in the front borders. $4.50 fet

"Easter / Greeting" with 4 chicks suspended from a large egg-shaped balloon with wings, shamrocks spinning at its side; intricately embossed post card mailed MAR 22 1913 from Buffalo New York to East Otto New York, 2 small corner creases, other corners with minor wear, back paper starting to yellow with age. $4.00 fe

"Easter Greetings" boy in blue driving an egg-shaped balloon with propeller drops eggs upon 2 hapless shepherds with their flock below; Winsch postcard from Series 2651 printed in Germany, image within an embossed border, mailed 1914 from Conimicut Rhode Island to Master Carlton C. Porter in Brockton Massachusetts by his Uncle Irving & Aunt Alice, light toning both sides. $4.00 fweg

"Easter / Greetings" several chicks withing an egg-balloon propelled by a large pink flower; intricately embossed post card from Serie 341, printed in Germany, mailed APR 3 1909 from Iowa City Iowa to Miss Julia Franklin in Nebo Illinois, upper corner crease, light toning in the top front border &a few light spots of toning on back obscure nothing. $4.00 fe

"Easter / Greetings" two chicks wave a flag from within an egg-balloon propelled by a giant shamrock; intricately embossed postcard from Serie 341, printed in Germany, mailed MAR 1910 to Miss Lydia Hoehnke in North Chicago Illinois, light toning near 2 back corners. $4.00 fe

"Easter Happiness" pink dirigible without visible means of propulsion fails to lift a gondola full of 4 chicks from the ground; intricately embossed Tuck post card from the 'Easter Gladness' series No. 715, mailed APR 3 1912 from Brooklyn New York to Mrs. Reed in Upper Montclair in New Jersey, upper corners creased, minor wear to the bottom corners, small light spot of toning near the stamp. $4.00 fet

"Easter in The Future!" elaborately embossed signed HBG (H. B. Griggs) art depicting an airborne woman whose bonnet has been fashioned into a fanciful airship, postcard mailed FEB 2 1912 to Mr. C. J. French in Narrows Virginia, mild corner & edge wear. $8.50 eaf

"Fröhliche / OSTERN" Rooster, 5 chicks & 2 baskets fully of colored eggs ride an improbable blimp with side propulsion; H. H. i. W. Nr. 517 Postkarte mailed 25.3.10 at Charlottenburg with 10-pfg German stamp to Greenport New York, small upper corner crease, minor corner rounding, lightly toned front. $4.00 fe

"Loving / Easter / Greetings" two large chicks ride a gondola suspended from an improbably small blimp, within an intricately embossed border; Tuck Gem Photochrome Series E.3724 processed in Saxony, mailed APR 15 1911 from Norwich Connecticut to Mr. Eugene Fanning in Newton Upper Falls Massachusetts, tiny upper corner bend, small bottom corner crease. $4.00 fet

"My Best Wishes / for the happiest Easter / you have ever known // Easter greeting" chicks in biplane salute their brethren on the ground; embossed fantasy postcard mailed APR 13 1911 at Dayton Ohio to Master Ralph Etzler in Verona Ohio by his cousin Laurence, trivial corner wear, paper yellowing evenly with age. $4.50 efg

"With all / Best Wishes / for Easter" seven colorful birds ride a floral gondola suspended from a floral balloon, intricately embossed postcard printed in Germany mailed April 6 1909 at the Norwichtown Branch of Norwich Connecticut to Mr. Perry E. Lee in Doyles Town Ohio (more often seen spelled Doylestown), small bottom corner crease, all corners rounded, stamp fell off (but we will supply it), pinkish toning near the stamp area on back. $3.50 fe

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"Abdul Hamid" the 34th sultan of the Ottoman empire; unused metamorphic PFB post card 232, made in Germany, with a night scene for the cap & a harem of 4 women making up most of the face. Slight oxidation, just a few small spots of toning on back, good edges. $15.00 mt

"Darwin's theory" with a macabre monkey-like head comprised mostly of 4 nude figures, unused Verlag Joseph Barta in Berlin (his number 18) metamorphic postcard with slight oxidation, small lower corner crease, lightly toned back. $15.00 mm

"Francisco Ferrer" with the bust of the Spanish educator & anarchist comprised mostly of a nude for the head & 8 other faces; unused PRA Bromura metamorphic post card  with slight oxidation, lightly toned back, good edges. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. mse

"Johann Strauss / A. R. & C. B. 4002" showing the Austrian composer with at least 7 images of heads worked into his forehead & scalp; unused metamorphic postcard with slight oxidation, two small dark spots of toning on back & good edges. $15.00 mm

"Leopold II. // Auctionator / Rex!" with the images of the Belgian king including 3 women (2 nude) worked into his temple, scalp & chin; unused GG metamorphic post card with slight oxidation, fairly evenly toned back & good edges. $15.00 mr

"Napoleon I" unused PFB metamorphic postcard 218 with a battle scene for the hat & a mounted soldier & 2 fallen soldiers for most of the face, slight oxidation to the front, lightly toned back, good edges. $15.00 mn

"Tête de mort" meaning 'Head of Death'; unnumbered & unused PFB metamorphic post card made in Germany with a couple sledding from within the skull, slight oxidation, very lightly toned back, good edges. $15.00 mm

"Richard Wagner / GG / Co. / 5127" metamorphic postcard with neat writing on both sides dating to 1909, face & hair of the composer in large part from 3 nude women, slight oxidation, album marks on back, good edges. $15.00 mm

"Source de Jeunesse / Jungbrunnen. // Gruss aus Bad Langenschwalbach" two unused metamorphic postcards, the heads of the old man & the old lady each being made in large part by 3 nude women, each with slight oxidation, light toning on back & good edges. Both promise youthfulness from the waters at the spa whose name was shortened to Bad Schwalbach in 1927. Rare: no one else has the pair. Both for $50.00 total. mhsg

"Un faune" PFB metamorphic post card 223 in which the head & beard of the faun is made up almost entirely by 4 women in diaphanous wrap & a faun at the right with a face bearing a resemblance to the larger image. Slight oxidation to the front, evenly toned back, good edges. $15.00 m

"Unsere Zukunst liegt in der bust / Graf Zeppelin / 3909" meaning 'our future is in the chest' in German, unused metamorphic Postkarte with the head & cap of the count incorporating two zeppelins & several balloons, slight oxidation, small upper corner crease, lightly toned back. $20.00 mbb

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