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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Have a look!
Curated, delightful, sometimes eye-popping, refreshed often,
helping you to discover the fascination of postcard collecting.


No other hobby presents more unusual sights than postcard collecting.
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Music_060_small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.comADVERTISING & FRATERNAL & MINNESOTA & MUSIC. "MAY PETERSON / SOPRANO--METROPOLITAN OPERA FAME / The Prima Donna who rode the Old Gray Mare / at St. Paul National Legion Convention / Concert Bookings: Write Haensel & Jones, Aeolian Hall, New York." unused & most unusual advertising postcard, several small spots of toning & wear at the borders of both sides. This scene was at the 1924 American Legion convention in Saint Paul Minnesota.  Peterson sang for many seasons with the likes of Caruso & John McCormack. The Hall mentioned for her agent is located in Manhattan New York.

AFGHANISTAN & EDUCATION & GIRLS. "Afghanistan Laghman" showing a large group of young girls carrying writing paper & books; oversize postcard with a thin mark on back from printing process. Most unusual subject matter.

"1910 / House moving from Lamro / to Winner" in Tripp County South Dakota, showing house-moving equipment hitched up to the Pioneer Saloon with its anxious owners alongside in automobiles, travelling as indicated by the handwritten caption; unused real photo post card, a few very small spots of light toning on back, trivial corner & edge wear. When the railroad connected to Winner, many residents of Lamro gave up their aspirations of being the Tripp County seat. Thirty Lamro structures were then moved across the plains in 1910 taking up new positions grouped together at one end of Winner. The Pioneer Saloon (listed in the 1908 Lamro directory) shown here, per visible signage, was one of those thirty. In 1910 the building became known as the Jay Weaver Saloon, named after the man who owned it during the move shown (and who is probably in the picture); in 1911, it became the Guthrie Pool Hall; and in 1912-13, it became the Haisch & Company Meat Market. Obviously one-of-a-kind: no printed captions, no photographer attribution, no publisher attribution. Ultra rare. Belongs in a museum.

AVIATION (PROPELLER). "Another AIR EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL Service / Shipping a Beechcraft 'BONANZA' to Europe" advertising the services of forwarding agents who used the Seaboard & Western Airlines DC-4 (NC58008) shown here sometimes out of Laguardia & sometimes out of Newark, depending on the cargo. In this most unusual case, an airplane is being loaded onto another airplane. Mailed 1947 in New York City, the airline company's first year of operation. Loading was always done by hand in the early days, as shown here. Rare & early view for this important cargo airliner which had remarkable staying power over the years while its competitors failed.

BALLOONS & CIRCUS & ELECTRICAL. ♫The daring young man on the flying trapeze.♫ Uncaptioned (so we made up our own for this unusual sight) NOKO (nothing in corners) real photo postcard with unevenly divided back, oxidation consistent with circa-1908 age. Seriously folks: don't try this at home unless your life insurance is paid up!

BÉNIN & MACABRE. "Abomey, Bénin / Egoungoun [revenant] / Photo ©François Guibilato" unused continental postcard, minor wear at 2 corners, tiny spot near the stamp box. The costumed person is a member of a voodoo cult, supposedly becoming an animated corpse that has returned from the grave to help people who are alive. Several can be seen at special celebrations, including funerals, dancing & performing magic tricks, dispensing flattery & good wishes for donations. Egoungoun is also seen spelled egungun & egoun goun.

BICYCLE & ONTARIO & RAILROADS. "High Falls Line 4/16/10" unused captioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard showing a well-dressed gentleman riding the rails on a bicycle stabilized by connections to 2 steel-flanged wheels on the opposite side--a variant of the Coey bicycle attachment (invented & marketed circa 1908) for which we have another offering. Compare the 1917 photograph of the Winton touring car & its passenger trailer, also on steel-flanged wheels, believed to be on this line, shown at www.trainweb.org. This mining line connected the hydroelectric plant at High Falls on the Spanish River to Turbine Ontario (from which Canadian Pacific Railway connections could be made to Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, etc.) Such vehicles could be operated for company employees & executives because no passenger trains would be encountered. Rare!

Tinted036_small.jpg Albertype post card available from LotsOfCards.comDESERTS & CALIFORNIA & ALBERTYPES. "MOVABLE PLANK ROAD THROUGH THE DESERT, NEAR EL CENTRO, CALIFORNIA" unused hand-colored (and, hence, unique) Albertype postcard published by the Barbara Worth Hotel, tiny upper corner bend, The movable feature of the road shown is most unusual.

ENGLAND & UNUSUAL TRANSPORTATION. "Geo. M. Schilling / THE WORLD'S CHAMPION LONG / DISTANCE WALKER / NOW PULLING HIS AIRSHIP FOR 20,000 / MILES FOR A WAGER IN 3 YEARS. STARTED FROM LONDON FEB. 18th 1908." with signage that is redundant with the caption, unused postcard, light toning both sides, trivial corner wear. Hard-to-find--image or explanation. Apparently he pulled this most unusual contraption along on wheels as a mobile home & shelter from the elements, as part of his wager. An unusual way to make a living when postcards could be sent with a halfpenny stamp.

GREECE & TURKEY. "Départ des refugiées musulmanes de Salonique" also captioned in Greek, showing the departure of Ottoman Muslim refugees with their worldly possessions in large bags, boarding a train, during the population exchange that took place between Turkey & Greece in late 1922, after the Greco-Turkish War; unused carte postale from Editor D. Sonides in Salonika, light toning on back, minor corner & edge wear. Rare: no one else can show you this historic & unusual event.

JAPAN & CEMETERIES. "KIYOMORIZUKA HYOGO." also captioned in Japanese, unused carte postale made in Japan, minor corner rounding. Sometimes written Kiyomori-zuka, this unusual stone memorial column / tombstone is in the form of a 13-story pagoda, built in 1286.

KITES & MASSACHUSETTS. "MAN LIFTING KITES ON / HARVARD AVIATION / FIELD. // COPYRIGHT BY / ARAM." more fully 5 kites designed by Samuel F. Perkins for military reconnaissance purposes, being tried at Quincy Massachusetts, September 1910. The Library of Congress has the original photographs of the event & is the source of our information. Note the tent-like structure beneath the scout, intended to cushion any fall. The postcard itself is rare, as is any that deals with an experimental military program. Most unusual, you will have to admit. 

TangierZone_CapitanDeLa_Informant.jpg (173689 bytes) from Judnick.com

"Capitan de la Guardia Civil hablando / con el moro confidented de Espana" showing police speaking with an informant in Tetuan, color postcard from Benzaquen & Co., unused, most unusual subject matter, much corner & edge wear.


Better_468small.jpg mermaid postcards available from Judnick.comMERMAIDS & MOVIES. "M. MAHAN & JACKSON / PRESENT / ANNETTE / Kellermann / 'THE PERFECT WOMAN' / AND A COMPANY OF 1000 PLAYERS / IN / NEPTUNE'S / DAUGHTER / THE FILM MASTERPIECE OF THE WORLD / ... / At the BREMEN / TUESDAY, APRIL 11th / HENNEGAN & CO.  CINCINNATI, O." advertising on an unused undivided back postcard tabulating a detailed comparison of her measurements with the Venus de Milo! Viewers of 'Neptune's Daughter' saw her do the first nude scene ever on film. A record-holding swimmer, she performed another first--a water ballet that many credit as originating the sport of synchronized swimming. Known as 'The Original Mermaid', she performed such an act at the Princes Court entertainment center in Melbourne. Slightly longer than regular-size.

MOROCCO & INSECTS & FOOD. "33  MARRAKECH - Place Djma el Fna - Vendeurs de sauterelles" showing vendors of grasshoppers (for food), well localized; unused carte postale from Cie Alsacienne des Arts Photomécaniques in Strasbourg, good edges. An alternative spelling for the place is Djemaa el Fna.

MUSEUM CONTENTS & FRANCE. "CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL DES ARTS & MÉTIERS / 292, rue St-Martin, Paris / 14327 - Moteur rotatif à 5 cylindres à vapuers de pétrole, cons- / truit par M. Millet en 1887 et adapté à deux places. (Brevet no 194,953) Don de m. Félix Millet en 1910.  B-90" unused carte postale with divided back, from C. Bouchetal phot.-édit., tiny bottom corner crease, other corner wear is trivial. This is an ingenious & patented 5-cylinder rotary engine that operates on petrol fumes; the intent was to motorize a tricycle. Rare: when searching the Internet we found only 1 mention in French, and no offers or displays.

Zeppelin_img001_small.jpg zeppelin postcard available from LotsOfCards.comNEW YEARS & ZEPPELINS. "Nouveau dirigeable / Pour l Année / 1905" fanciful & risqué art (signed Deb) showing a woman clad in naught but hosiery and shoes, piloting the carrot-shaped zeppelin (numbered 69) that she straddles while flying over the Eifel Tower! Unused carte postale, browning paper with a bit of light spotty toning both sides, tiny bottom corner crease, short faint internal crease well to the left of the image. The most unusual New Year postcard we have ever seen in anyone's stock.

SOUTH BUFFALO RAILWAY. "South Buffalo Salute" showing its ALCO S2 diesel #76 in a Bicentennial paint scheme in October 1975, unused chrome-era postcard, near mint.

Swaziland_SicunusaPhoto-200_small.JPG Swazi photo scan available from Judnick.com
Small black & white photo accompanied by a handwritten explanatory letter dated 18 April 1963 from the Post Master of Sicunusa Swaziland stating that it is a picture of his small facility. Most unusual.

  Sudan_KhartoumSMosque-200_small.jpg Sudanese post card available from LotsOfCards.com   
RELIGION & SUDAN. "Khartoum (Soudan). Mosque" showing construction in progress (note the scaffolding above the roof, most unusual), sepia-tone postcard, unused, undivided back, upper corner crease best detected from the back, trivial corner wear. When part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, which explains the 'Egypte' on the back.

  Royalty_Danish_Pregnant-200_small.jpg Dutch royalty postcards available from Judnick.com   
ROYALTY & THE NETHERLANDS. Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed -9.6.09 at Amsterdam The Netherlands (Queen Wilhelmina 5-cent stamp) to a Miss Vera Häller in Sale near Manchester England from her mother & father. Writing on back explains while bragging about their access to the royal family: 'This is the photo from our queen 4 months before the baby was born. The other I sent you was really the queen with the baby when it was 2 weeks old, the photo taken by her husband.' Thus, this is a real photo of Queen Wilhelmina probably given December 26 (their Second Christmas Day when servants & tradesmen would traditionally receive gifts from the royal family) 1908 when she was 29 years old & pregnant with Prinses Juliana (later their future Queen). The lower left front has the imprint of Guy de Coral, photographer to the royal family -- but this is not a commercially produced card for the masses, like other Guy de Coral photos you may have seen. Pregnancies in those days were considered private family matters. So the few that were passed out went only to her personal staff (from our Queen, not bought) or valued tradesmen. Note the other photo mentioned on back makes it plain that the sender served the royal family & received that photograph from her husband, Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.  We have seen a few other examples of this postcard where the dating was less precise -- e.g., 1908 (still confirming the year) -- or with only a simple explanation -- e.g., 'Queen of the Netherlands' (spelling it out because her appearance was not her usual trim even-athletic figure she had before the event)-- and none of those disclose why or how it was obtained. This postcard tells the whole story. It is quite simply the best royalty postcard we have ever seen from any country.

THURINGIA & NUDE PAINTINGS. PHILIP HERMOGENES CALDERON (1833 - 1898). "Die Entsagung" his 1891 painting depicting the young Saint Elizabeth of Hungary's act of renunciation before a crucifix, nude & under the prayerful gaze of monks & nuns; unused Stengel-published postcard, made in Germany, minor corner wear & rounding. Now in the Tate Britain National Gallery of Art, it caused controversy because it was perceived by some as anti-Catholic. In German her name is seen as Heilige Elisabeth von Thüringen, because she was a princess of Thuringia.

TIBET. "Flight of Dalai Lama of Thibet" borne on the shoulders of 4 men surrounded by horsemen, going to India in 1959; well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963 at Silver Lake Minnesota, minor upper corner wear, small ding tears paper at the top edge but affects nothing of importance. A moving sight & most unusual subject matter!

TREES & INDIANA. "LONE TREE ON COURT / HOUSE TOWER, GREENS- / BURG, IND. is unparalleled / in the world. The present / tree is about 13 years old, / but one or more trees have / been growing on this tower / for over 50 years." unused Curteich white-border era postcard, a few tiny spots of toning on back, good edges.

UNUSUAL TRANSPORTATION & OSTRICHES. "A Tandem at Cawston's Ostrich Farm, California." Unused post card in color, minor corner wear & rounding. Most unusual transportation!

Better_649small.jpg Valentine post card available from Judnick.com

VALENTINES & HAND-TINTED. "To My / Valentine" hand-colored postcard on brownish paper addressed to Mr. Alva B. Wilson (who we know from other material resided in Columbus Ohio), caption is lightly embossed, orange coloration is most unusual -- sort of like a blue-suited Santa!


Fraternal_Woman'sBenefitAssociation_MissWest.jpg (182974 bytes)WOMEN'S SOCIAL HISTORY & MICHIGAN. "'WESTHAVEN' GARDENS ON THE ST. CLAIR RIVER, PORT HURON, MICH., HOME OF MISS BINA M. WEST" black & white with sky tint, white-border era from Curt Teich, unused, lightly toned back. Founder in 1892 of one of the first fraternal benefit societies established for and managed by women, & an outspoken supporter of women's suffrage, she represented the National Council of Women of the US at the International Council of Women in Geneva in 1908. Undoubtedly this card was issued on the occasion of the dedication of the Society's new home office in 1917. Many people could not tell you who she is, but the fact that women can get life insurance these days is tribute to her legacy!

Barber_61Les-200_small.JPG World War I postcard available from Judnick.comWORLD WAR I & BARBERS. "61.  LES PRISONNIERS ALLEMANDS EN FORÉT -- Après la Barbe, la Toilette au ruisseau" showing German prisoners, guarded by the French in a forest, freshening up after receiving a haircut; black & white carte postale with green back, toning near back edges, faint corner crease, trivial rounding at 3 corners. Most unusual subject matter; presumably a propaganda piece to assure the world such soldiers were being well-treated.

ZEPPELIN & ANIMALS. "'SUSIE' / GRAF ZEPPELIN GORILLA / Is the first and only trained Gorilla in the world. Captured when six months old of the west coast of South Africa in the Belgian Congo. Taken / to the Riviera in France, where she remained / until the Graf zeppelin made its first trip to / America, on which she was a passenger... / ... placed in the Cincinnati / (Ohio) Zoo, where she is on exhibition ... / SUSIE WILL BE 16 YEARS OLD AUG. 4, 1942 / ..." 1939 copyrighted card with all-over-back details, sized as a regular postcard, unimportant light toning on back. Rare: there are several images of her -- white border around, wearing a hat, with her trainer, part of a folder, holding a baseball bat, etc. -- but this one is seldom offered.


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